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Normandy France life

life-864375_1920Many people know that moving into France is an expensive proposition. First of all one can take a rental that could just provide the rental key and a kitchen sink to go along with it. Even the bulbs were not there in the sockets. Moving to the south of Normandy one can rent a truck to carry the furniture and other appliances. However doing this also would not be cheap.

castle-1250497_1920 It is not easy to move into France as a legal resident. One feels like hitting the head on the wall because there are many stages. Once the stages are crossed the next idea is to look out for a small house on rent .The house was one which was built in the nineteen century.   We were lucky to get a town house with tall walls and with an orchard and garden. The next thing to do was to enroll for evening classes to improve our French. This was followed by opening account in the local bank and that was it. Now one only had to learn how the French people live.

european-parliament-1266491_1920For dog walking Normandy countryside is ideal as it is very beautiful. As the town is not far from the house one can walk down to buy bread and vegetables or in the evening one can walk into a pub

In dealing with French culture one has to learn the simple rule of being patient. Much of the information is available on the web site. One can walk into the tax office and ask any question regarding tax. One can even ask the Mayor regarding planning Thus it works both ways, one of meeting new people and second one can improve one’s French. One can contact the local Chamber of Commerce if one is interested to start some new business in Normandy. One can even find an accountant to handle your business or small business advisors to guide one on his future plans.

eiffel-tower-975004_1920 Regarding Normandy, it has a population of about three point four million. The inhabitants of Normandy are called Normans. The Channel Islands are a historical part of Normandy. The economy in Normandy is predominantly dealing in agriculture and also cattle breeding. The principle flag of Normandy displays three leopards representing strength. Normandy has a rolling country side perfect for pasture and dairy cattle hence a wide range of dairy products are produced. The sea food of Normandy is of superior quality Cider is another product that is famous in Normandy. Apples are used mostly for cookingcorsica-224716_1920

 Normandy is famous for its architecture, paintings and Literature. As many missionaries came to Normandy from across the Channel hence Christianity was accepted as the principle religion over here. Normandy does not have any patron saint although the tile has been given to St Michael and St Queen. There is no established church in Normandy however the Church of England is the established church in the Channel Islands. The cathedrals of Normandy have had their influence for ages and covers both religion and politics.

We know he cost of living in Normandy can be quite expensive than one can think of. We knew the reason is that there are more fun things to do in Normandy France have to be the best destination spot for the people of Britain as many people are fed up with their present life style just as we were and that is how we decided to settle here.